Thursday, 3 May 2012

I heart OPI

I love this brand. They never fail to create amazing polishes in great finishes and colours. I have used OPI for around 5 years after having some acrylic false nails removed my nails were in a state. I was recommended to use OPI nail envy and avoplex oil together to strengthen my nails and after a week the polish had already started to work, my nails were growing like never before.

I recently rediscovered this product after noticing my nails had gone weak I wanted to improve them and after a few days of using the nail envy and oil my nails were already improving.
The nails vanish is clear and there is also a matte version for men or people who don't like shiny nails. For the first application you apply two coats then a coat every other day, when your nails have improved this product can also be applied under coloured vanish to help protect the nails.

Some of my favourite OPI polishes

I recently worked with OPI trainer Khadine Coleman on a Photoshoot. Khardine has worked with the likes of Jessie J and has been recently working on the new Bond film. She amazing at what she does. Below is a photo from the shoot, she created on trend pointy grey nails with a black tip, the polishes were from the OPI  Touring America collection.

Photographer: Jennie Nicole Sherratt
Model: Isidora @ Adage
Nail Artist: Khardine Coleman
Hair & Make-up: Chloe McCall

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