Sunday, 12 June 2011

Summer colours

Just because the weather isn't like summer at the moment doesn't mean we can't wear some bright colours, so it at least feels abit like summer.

Yellow is a big colour this season. Yellow eyeshadow made a big impact on the S/S 2011 catwalks.
It can be worn all over or in the inner corners of the eyes, this gives it a more wearable look. Mac's new range Surf Baby eyeshadow in sun blonde is a great lighter yellow colour for the eyes.

For a brighter look, Mac eyeshadow in Chrome yellow looks good on most skin tones.

Chanel's must have nail colour for the summer is Mimosa, a bright yellow.

Or if Chanel isn't in the price range try the collection 2000 Sherbet Lemon.

For maybe the more adventurous out there Loreal have bought out a yellow lip gloss called Aqua Lemon Tonic. Although yellow in colour it's not that bright when its on and surprisingly wearable on the right skin tones.

Orange has been the in colour for spring but its still sticking around for summer. I bought this beautiful pallet from Nars last week called Mediteranee. These are really wearable colours, I can't wait to use them.

Mac also do a lovely orange lipstick called morange. Looks lovely with a tan.

Be brave and try some colour this summer.

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    What a practical and helpful blog post. It's desirable for ones who love to learn makeup, like me. :) A "thank-you" to your blogging!