Sunday, 12 June 2011

Modern Style Icons

Over the pass few years the likes of Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and more recently Jessie J have played a big influence in fashion, makeup and hair.

Here's some iconic photos of them that I love and that I am very inspired by <3

Gaga in Versace

Make-up Artist Billy Brasfield has been known for doing many famous Lady Gaga looks.

Katie Perry for GHD- I love these adverts <3

Katie Perry's ET video - the makeup in this video is amazing! The makeup artist responsible for these amazing creations is Kabuki.

The genius that is makeup artist Andrew Gallimore created Jessie J's studded lips! He's also known for his runway and editorial looks.

Karin Darnell is also known for doing Jessie J's makeup.

Who do you find inspiring?

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