Friday, 3 June 2011

Nvey Eco

Most of you that know me will know I have very sensitive skin. So I recently decided to try Organic make-up. I did some research on the net and there were a few organic brands but I decided to try out Nvey Eco ( The brand didn't have many reviews but it seem to look like the most advanced organic make-up, the packaging, colours and price seem to be very similar to the high end brands.

I ordered my first batch of the make-up off a supplier of Wikaniko an organic company ( I ordered deluxe creme foundation in 870, natural bronzer powder, powder blush in 953, eye pallet in No1 and lipstick in 365. When it came I was really impressed with the packaging.

Review of the products-

The foundation does take a lot of blending with a brush and is a bit thick but I like the texture, it covers well. I bought 870 and was finding it a bit dark, so I order 877 from The Natural Skin Company ( and I blended the two together to make the perfect colour. I can also use the lighter shade as a concealer. The one thing that may put people off is the smell, its not perfumed but smells a bit plastic but it doesn't bother me. The product stays put all day on my skin as long as powdered after application.

The bronzer is a bit to dark for me at the moment as I haven't got a tan but it went on well and is a nice red brown tone rather than orange! I will use this product more in the summer.

The Blusher in 953 is a really warm colour, I really like this colour and don't have anything else similar to it. I find I do have to apply more than other blushers for the colour to show. I will also be purchasing the blush 955 which is a more pink tone, its meant to be similar to 'well dressed' by MAC.

The Eye Pallet in No 1, The colours in the pallet have really good pay off. The colour are unusual which I like, some of the colours are harder to blend than others but overall I really like them.

The lipstick in 365 , I love this shade. Again its an unusual colour and smells similar to the foundation. The texture is more of a matte and the colour pay off is good.

Overall I'm impressed with this range, I think some of the products could rival the well known brands in my kit. I didn't have any reactions to the products but my skin irritations are still there but hasn't made them worse. In a way it makes me feel better that I'm not putting loads of chemicals on my skin daily.

Have you tried Nvey or other Organic Make-up? Let me know what you think.

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