Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Collection 2000 HQ & 'A La Mode' Fashion Show

After travelling up to Wigan on Thursday evening the Fabset met up again, it was nice to have a catch up with the girls. We stayed in a hotel over night then in the morning we got to go to Collection 2000 head office. I would love to work at the collection 2000 head office what a dream job, it’s only a small team but they put so much into the brand. We started with a tour around the lab which wasn’t far from the main building. This was so much fun, we all donned our lab coats and made lipstick, foundation and mascara. We even got to create our own shade of glam glitter eyeliner! I decided to make a glittery grey tone. I love it. After the tour of the lab was over, we went back to the main building. We then had a presentations on up and coming trends, it was interesting to find out how Collection 2000 decided on what products and colours to bring out. We then had the fun task of naming the products. We started by brainstorming ideas and names and then had a big group discussion on names we liked and disliked, we eventually all decided on the names for the new products. I can’t wait to see them on the shelf.
After we named the products we were given a big bag full of the new Collection 2000 products. It’s so exciting to see what’s coming out soon! I love the foundation, it hasn’t left my make-up bag since it so flawless without being too heavy. I also think the new hot looks nail polishes colours are so wearable, they wont be leaving my nails anytime soon. The new mascara is great for the false lash effect without the false eyelashes. I like the ultra black for a night out. These products will be coming out soon so keep a look out for them.
After we had finished our morning session at the Collection 2000 HQ we went down to London, no less than first class on virgin trains. When arriving in London we got a taxi to the lovely Charings Cross Hotel where we were staying and the ‘A La Mode’ fashion show was held in the evening. We all got ready together and tried out the new Collection 2000 products. After having a dinner with the PR team, we headed to the fashion show which included the designers Mila Miyahara, Estelle Annabel and Hanako Narahira. Before the catwalk show started the host mentioned Collection 2000 fabset, we got around of applause from the audience! The show was fantastic.
Overall I had such a good time with the fabset and would like to say thank you to Collection 2000. I can’t wait to see the product the fabset have named in the shops.

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