Friday, 28 February 2014

Disney inspired wedding photoshoot: Snow White

Back in December last year I started a collaboration project with the lovely Sarah from Nellie photography. We decided to combine the magic of Disney fairy-tales with weddings for a series of photoshoots that will be happening throughout the next few years.

In December after alot of planning we put together our first shoot. We decided to start with Snow White, as we had the prefect model in mind who would worked with many times before, Rachael Bock. Sarah magically created the set, picked the location and we had Fairleys & Laurel Lime to provide accessories for the shoot.

Here's the amazing final photos from the shoot.

Model: Rachael Bock 
Bridal Hair designer: Helena Sinclair
Handmade head wear & jewellery designer: Laurel Lime
Floral head wear designer: Fairleys
Styling: Nellie Photography
Photographer: Sarah at Nellie Photography
Make-up Artist: Chloe McCall

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