Thursday, 25 October 2012

Underwater Photohoot

So today I did makeup for an underwater shoot with the lovely photographer Tamara Peel.

This shoot has been planned for a while so I've been excited for ages planning what I was going to do. I really had to think about the makeup I used in the shoot as the models would be spending alot of time in the water. We had three models on the shoot.

We were really inspired by Zena Holloway an underwater photographer.

Her works amazing, check it out
Here is a moodboard I made for the shoot-
I decided I wanted to use the fab paperself lashes as I've wanted to use them from a while.

I also found this great product called face lace, this has been created by the very talented makeup artist Phyllis Cohen.
I would use this product again there's so many amazing designs and it was easy to apply.

We had dresses and nails designed for the models to suit the shoot.

Behind the scenes of the shoot-

We had a great team on the shoot which included-

Photographer- Tamara Peel
Assistant - Sarah Palmer

Olivia Rose Nail artist

Designer Icemode

Can't wait to see the final photographs.

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