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Avene Skincare

So its come to that time of the year again when your skin gets dehydrated and dry. For the last few months I have been using Avene skincare, most of you that know me will know I have super sensitive skin but I can use all of the Avene range! It kind to sensitive/allergic skin.

What Avene say about the range - 'EAU THERMALE Avène is a unique French dermo-cosmetic brand dedicated to each level of skin sensitivity; from sensitive, intolerant to allergic. Each product contains the Avène Thermal Spring Water, a unique ingredient whose properties have been endorsed by dermatologists over the years.'

I love the products I have tried. One of the first ever products I used from the range was the thermal spring water spray.

What Avene say about the product -
Avene Thermal Spring Water, contains a unique active ingredient, renowned by dermatologists for its soothing properties.
Avene Thermal Water Spray provides soothing care for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Providing relief from skin irritation caused by sunburn, after anti-acne treatments, nappy rash, razor burn or hair removal. The spray provides a comforting and refreshing sensation when used. Avene Thermal Water Spray can be used to complete cleansing, set make up, after outdoor activities or when travelling.

■Soothing action for irritated, medically treated skin or sunburn

■Comforting and refreshing action for cleansed skin

■Hydrates skin during the summer or when travelling

This product is very versatile,it has many uses. It has come in handy when I'm on holiday especially as I suffer with prickly heat. It's prefect for spraying on the area to cool it down and it gives relief from the heat and itching. Ive also found it great to use on eczema, its clams the area and stops the itching for a while. I have also used this product for a toner in the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. I really love this product, I recommend it highly. Its sold in different sizes, the one in the photo below is the handy travel size which is great for on holiday or your handbag.
Ive been using the cleansing lotion for allergic skin for cleansing my skin morning and night.

What Avene say about the product-
A no rinse cleansing formula specifically developed for hypersensitive and allergic skin including:
■skin allergic to standard cosmetics

■skin allergies

■acute irritation (redness, tightness, itching etc)

■following dermatological surgery (laser, peels etc)

It is formulated with the purest ingredients selected for their effectiveness and safety without any potentially irritating additives. It is very rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, and relieves skin sensitivity and thoroughly cleanses while preserving the skin's natural barrier.

This cleanser is kind to my skin, My skin didn't really tight after using it which I get alot with another cleanser. After a few months of using the product my skin looks clearer and brighter.

I am using the Tolérance Extrême Anti-irritating Soothing Cream to moisturise, this is from the same range as the cleanser.

What Avene say about the product-
Moisturiser for allergic and hypersensitive skin, suitable in the case of acute irritation (redness, tightness, stinging etc...), after dermatological surgery (laser treatment, peeling etc...), when skin has become intolerant to standard cosmetic products or in the case of skin allergic reaction. Manufactured in a sterile environment according to an exclusive patented procedure. Free from fragrance, preservative and irritating ingredients.

This moisturiser really hydrates my skin and makes my skin feel really soft. It doesnt take long to go into the skin either which you can some times find with heavier creams.

On the days when my skin feels like it need more moisturiser or my skin is particularly irritated I use the Rich Skin Recovery Cream. This cream really helps to soothe and calm the skin as well as moisturising.

What Avene say about the product-
Calming cream specifically designed for naturally sensitive skin (fair, thin, prone to redness), or skin which has become sensitive due to different aggressions (climatic conditions, excessive cleansing, drying cosmetic or dermatological treatments…). It quickly calms irritation, helps restore the hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting protection. Its formula has been specially developed with a minimum of ingredients, all selected for their gentleness. Paraben preservative, fragrance and colouring agent free. Rich formula.

Another two products I have been using from the range when I need to are the Gentle Purifying Scrub and the Soothing Moisture Mask.

Heres what Avene say about the gentle purifing scrub-
The Gentle Purifying Scrub has been specially formulated to cleanse sensitive skin in depth by gently eliminating all impurities. Its exfoliating micro-beads, selected for their extreme tolerance, provide effective mechanical scrub. Their action is completed by a keratoregulating agent which stimulates skin cell's renewal. This synergy thus promotes gentle elimination of dead cells and minor skin imperfections. The mild and gel-like texture prevents skin dryness and leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort. When used before facial mask or moisturising cream application, the scrub improves the penetration of active ingredients and refines the skin texture, leaving it once again healthy and radiant-looking. Paraben free.

and the Soothing Moisture Mask -
Specific care for dehydrated and weakened sensitive skin which has become reactive (redness, tightness and stinging) due to various aggressions.
The soothing moisture mask is genuine pampering care for your skin.
Very rich in Avène thermal spring water, this mask intensely releases all of the water's soothing and anti-irritant properties.
Its nourishing and moisturising elements restore the cutaneous barrier and thus promote skin hydration (in the upper layers of the epidermis).
The very original formula of the Soothing Moisture Mask has been designed for maximum skin absorption; fully replenished, the skin is once again soft, supple and radiant with health.

I love the scrub as the beads in the scrub arent too harsh on the skin (photo below) Using this twice a week really brightens up the complextion and makes the skin smoother. The mask is great to use as a moisture boost. I use this around twice a month but it can be used more if your skin needs it.


I have been using Trixéra+ Selectiose Emollient cream on my body once a day this has helped to really improve the texture and appearance of my skin. The cream sinks in quickly to the skin but leaves a lovely healthy glow.

What Avene say about the product-
A daily moisturiser for face and body, for very dry skin prone to dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

■Moisturises inflamed skin reducing dryness and itchiness

■Assists in rebalancing the skin’s surface barriern

■Gentle enough for daily use on the face and bodyy

■Suitable for infants and adults

I highly recommend this brand to anyone who has sensitive skin or who wants a gentle but affective skincare range. My skin has show great improvement since using it. They have a wide range of products from sun cream to anti ageing products.

Check out the website - They have a lots of helpful sections on there including skin diagnoses, where they can help you to pick the perfect range for you skin.

Avene can be bought online and from boots nationwide.

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