Monday, 5 July 2010

Cargo Lash Activator Extreme

My lashes have never been really thick but I’m lucky in the fact that they are long, so using mascara normally thickens them out but recently I have been finding gaps in my lashes!!!

I decided to try the Cargo Lash Extreme Mascara and Primer, I have read that it makes your lashes longer and thicker in 15 days so I thought I would give it a try.

I got it from Boots for £23 and started using it the begining of May. I’ve used the everyday primer first then the mascara and I also applied the primer at night before bed. The mascara itself isn’t as good at making my lashes look thicker like my normal mascara but with a few coats its wearable.
I have found after using it for the 15 days it made no difference, so I thought I would carry on using it. After around a month, I noticed some new lash growth, this has carried on and I feel I can see a difference now after using it for two months. I will keep using this product even if I just use the primer under my other masacara in the day and apply it alone at night. I think it has made a difference, my lashes look and feel better but its taken longer than the advertised 15 days.

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