Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Collection 2000 Shoot!!

Last week I was asked to assist the Collection 2000 make-up artist Athena Skouvakis on a Collection 2000 photo shoot, I was very excited. On Thursday I got up at the crack of dawn to travel to Leeds. Arriving at the photo shoot everyone was in a group meeting talking about the plan for the shoot. There were two models who would do two different looks each on the shoot. So after the meeting, Athena started applying the make-up, then the models had there hair done, were styled and the shoot started. The different looks were based around the new products Collection 2000 have coming out soon, seeing them first hand being used, I can say I cant wait for them to be out in the shops! A hand model was used in the afternoon to model the hot looks nail vanishes. I was given the Important job of painting her nails!
It was a great opportunity to assist Athena, she is such an inspiration. The day was so much fun. Thank you to Collection 2000 and Athena for a lovely day. x x x

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